Jared Jewelers Near Me

jared jewelers near me

Jared Jewelry has a better reputation for hiring qualified salespeople than most independent jewelers. But it can still be difficult to find the right store for you. Here are some tips for choosing a store near you: Read reviews and compare product ranges. Also, check out their SEO and trade-in policy.


Jared jewelers have locations throughout the United States. To find a store near you, simply type the name of the city you're visiting into the search box and click "Find". You can also view the business' address, phone number, and hours. You can also download the data in Excel. You can also view the business's location on a map. The map will allow you to quickly see which Jared location is closest to your home.

Most Jared locations carry an inventory of about $2 million in diamonds. This is a significant amount, considering that the company has 250 stores. The company can purchase diamonds on credit or consignment. By doing this, diamond manufacturers can make money by "lending" their inventory to Jared and then receive payment only when the diamond sells.

If you're looking for a quality designer jewelry store, Jared is a great choice. These stores have an extensive selection of items and are more affordable than typical jewelry stores. In addition to diamonds, Jared offers color gemstones, precious metals, and even luxury Swiss timepieces.

You can find a Jared store in many malls and standalone stores. There are locations throughout the United States and Canada. The company has over 250 locations in 39 states, and their stores generate about $1.2 billion in revenue for Signet, the company that owns the company. Unlike Zales and Kay, Jared jewelry stores are a more personalized experience than mall stores. Each location has its own jeweler to ensure quality.

Product range

The product range at a Jared Jewelers near me includes a wide range of fine jewelry. From diamond wedding rings to watches, the chain offers a huge variety of options. You'll find a piece that suits your taste and style. Just be sure to check out the sales and special offers, too.

Jared is known for its affordable prices, and it offers many popular styles. For example, Jared offers discount engagement rings and wedding bands. It is a good place to get a great deal on quality diamond jewelry, and its friendly customer service can make it a great place to make a jewelry purchase.

Jared's jewelry collection is made of high quality materials and are made to last. Some of these metals are highly durable and don't tarnish. For example, while silver jewelry will fade, platinum, titanium, and cobalt won't. These metals will develop a patina over time, but you can get it polished again to make it look new again. On the other hand, gold jewelry doesn't tarnish easily, and you'll need to polish it regularly to keep it looking beautiful.

The product range of Jared Jewelers near me may not be the most extensive, but the company does make sure its suppliers adhere to the latest regulations. The company is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), and encourages all of its suppliers to become members. In addition, certified RJC suppliers undergo routine audits by independent third-party firms. In addition, all Purchase Order Terms and Conditions contain a statement regarding the supplier's compliance with all applicable laws.

Trade-in policy

If you are not completely satisfied with a piece of Jared jewelry you purchased, you can trade it in for another piece within thirty days of purchase. To be eligible for trade-in, you must return the jewelry with the appropriate paperwork and accessories. You will be reimbursed for the difference in value. You can exchange your jewelry for something similar or a different style. If you decide to trade it in, make sure you have the original packaging and all paperwork to accompany it.

Jared stores accept trade-ins of diamond jewelry only. However, you cannot trade in colored gemstone or pearl jewelry. In addition, your trade-in must be worth at least double the price of the new piece. You can usually complete the trade-in process at any of their locations.

Trade-ins can be completed either in-store or online. Once the jewelry is received, you can receive payment via mail. You can also choose to receive an in-store credit from Jared. This credit will come in the form of a gift card worth the trade-in value, as well as a 20% discount at any of their locations.

If you aren't satisfied with your purchase, you can also trade it in for a replacement or an extended service plan. These plans will cover the cost of cleaning and repairs in case you need to return the jewelry. A replacement plan will also cover any damage that may occur during the first three years of ownership.

Cost of diamonds

There are several factors that affect the cost of diamonds at Jared jewelers. One of these is the cost of property. Store locations are typically very large and expensive. This can make the diamonds at Jared more expensive than similar products from smaller retailers. Also, the stores have higher overhead costs.

Jared's has become one of the most popular places to buy diamond jewelry, and it competes with Kay Jewelers and Zales. The prices are a bit higher, but they have a good selection and high-quality certified diamonds. The store is also more upscale than Kay Jewelers, but there are many negative aspects to Jared's pricing.

Jared sells branded and non-branded diamonds, and they also carry jewelry by designers. The company is also an authorized dealer for many luxury watch brands. In addition, Jared carries many unique charms for bracelets and necklaces, including religious, sports, and travel charms. Some of their diamonds are natural, and others are lab created.

Consumers should be aware that the weights stated on diamonds at Jared are often false or inaccurate. If a diamond's weight is stated as a fraction, the retailer is required by the Federal Trade Commission to provide information on the weight of the diamond and its tolerance. This information should be made available to consumers before they make a purchase.

The clarity of diamonds is also an important factor to consider when shopping for a diamond. A perfectly white diamond is rare and expensive. Most stones are slightly yellow in color. In general, the more yellow the diamond is, the lower its quality. However, the yellow tint is not visible until a stone is graded in the J-K range.

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