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If you're looking for an alternative to MapQuest, you're not alone. This popular location-based service provides maps, directions, and more. But you're probably wondering how to use other similar apps. In this article, we'll look at some popular alternatives. Then, we'll discuss the best of them. The best part? These apps all work for free! Check out the list below! And don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list for the latest updates.


If you don't want to download maps from the internet to use your GPS, OsmAnd is the solution for you. The offline mode eliminates the need to stay connected to the Internet, saving you money on roaming charges. It also respects your privacy by offering offline search. With its comprehensive offline maps, you can plan your hiking and biking trips with ease. It also offers voice guidance, street names, and ETA.

Users can drill down into map data for even more detailed information. They can also choose to avoid certain routes or a lot of stops. This premium version of OsmAnd is separate from the mobile app. The premium version of the app is available for $25 and is fully customized to suit your preferences. It can also find hiking and biking trails and save them to your desktop. But there are some downsides to using OsmAnd. It may be too bulky for your phone. You can also purchase a gift card for the app or use it offline.

If you don't trust the data collected by Google Maps, you can try Waze instead. This alternative uses OpenStreetMap data for accurate location details. Moreover, it offers map downloads for offline use. Other features include travel guides and ski maps. Apple Maps, on the other hand, is a privacy-friendly alternative to Google Maps. Furthermore, its accuracy has improved significantly since 2012.

Another app like MapQuest is Waze. Although it offers offline maps of more than 100 countries, it is difficult to move the application to SD card. OsmAnd MapQuest has all the features of Google Maps but adds a few more. You can book cabs through the app, find public transit stations, and even check the local weather before leaving home. You can even find a gas station near you by entering the address.

Windy Maps

The purpose of Windy Maps is to help navigate by providing information on wind speed and direction. You can also use them to find the weather and map locations. The windy maps are designed for mobile devices and can be used offline, too. While windy maps are not as accurate as MapQuest, their user interface is slicker and easier to use. Users can also save their current coordinates in the Save Location GPS feature. This is handy if you're navigating in unfamiliar territory.

This traffic app can also alert you to roadwork and police activity on your route. You can also sign up for notifications on current traffic conditions and gas prices. It can even connect to Facebook to help you find the quickest routes to your destination. You can save time and money with these apps because they can learn your routes and display roadwork conditions. These apps are available for both Android and iOS devices, so you can choose the best one for your needs.


There are many reasons why you should try Citymapper instead of MapQuest. Whether you need directions for work, a day trip to see family, or even just to find your way to a new city, this GPS navigation service is one of the best alternatives to MapQuest. It offers location services, such as a live map of the area, as well as access to public transport, ticket prices, and real-time departure alerts. Furthermore, Citymapper is updated in real time. While the best option is still Google Maps, there are other great alternatives out there, including Apple Maps and Organic Maps.

One of the best features of MapQuest is the seamless navigation of streets. It offers public transit information and even cab booking. It also offers real-time traffic updates, and can even help you plan a multi-point route to get you where you need to go. This service is also free, and is available for download from Google Play. The user interface is easy to navigate, and it is ideal for people who commute by public transport. For those who need an umbrella, Citymapper also has a convenient app for this, too.

Another alternative to MapQuest is Bing Maps. Bing is part of the Microsoft suite of search engines. Bing maps offers several handy options, including a 3D view. It also offers a complete regulator survey chart of the UK. And it is a great alternative to Google Maps. For people who prefer a different interface, Bing Maps offers several additional options, such as a live traffic overlay and a detailed street-view response.

Here WeGo

If you've ever wondered how to get around the world without spending a fortune, Here WeGo is the app for you. The app, developed by Nokia and backed by a consortium of German automakers, offers mapping and location data services for over 200 countries. The app's user interface is simple and straightforward, and it integrates ride-sharing into the options window. Users can also download downloadable maps and offline navigation.

Another free map-based navigation application is HERE WeGo. Available in the US and abroad, this app provides directions and street views. Users can search for points of interest or input addresses. Once they have entered a location, HERE WeGo will show them various options for transportation and the time it will take them to arrive at the destination. The app also offers offline maps and features turn-by-turn directions and alternative routes.

Another MapQuest alternative is Bing maps. Users can customize their maps and add details. The app allows you to share maps with other users. It is also free to download and works offline. MapQuest's navigation service has a free version for Android and iPhones. While its maps are similar to Bing maps, it's more accurate. And unlike Google Maps, Bing maps also feature traffic information on major highways. Users can even add extra details about locations.

Besides the features of Google Maps, Here WeGo also has a few unique advantages. It is designed for outdoor activities and has a compass and a gyroscope for waypoint navigation. The app also calculates the route based on traffic conditions. The downside is that there are some complaints about missing exits and next-turn directions. It may also redirect you to the original route, so you'd better have a good plan of action before starting your journey.

Rand McNally

While Rand McNally is known for its printed maps and atlases, it has embraced new technologies with the development of GPS devices and navigation software. By going to the Rand McNally website, you can input your starting point or destination and receive directions from there. You can also add stops along the way, reverse your route, or view a round-trip route. Its advantages outweigh its downsides, so consider using this service if you're traveling for business or pleasure.

Another Rand McNally map alternative is BackCountry. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, this online map has GPS waypoints that allow you to manually enter coordinates. BackCountry relies on thorough topography maps and GPS technology. However, this map has a higher price tag than Rand McNally MapQuest alternatives. The maps are not as comprehensive as Rand McNally's, so be sure to check your destination carefully. Before you download an alternative, be sure to do your research and learn more about the product.

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