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Route4Me is a rideshare app that provides real-time turn-by-turn directions and route information to drivers. Driver tracking is also available. GPS driver tracking improves performance and minimizes fraud. It provides a complete picture of drivers, including their locations, speeds, and stops. This information can be used to improve the quality of service. The application is free for users, and drivers can start using it as soon as they sign up.


If you're a small company, Route4Me is probably the best option for you. The company's pricing structure is straightforward, with three tiers. The basic tier, which comes free of charge, is called Route Optimization. Then, there's Route Optimization Plus, which adds features such as near-real-time tracking. However, Route4Me doesn't optimize routes for enterprise users.

Route4Me also has paid subscription plans and offers a GUI-based editing tool. It's possible to make manual changes to routes using the software, such as reordering stops or improving optimization. The software is available in various categories, and you can choose the one that works best for your business. It's also easy to implement, so you can quickly begin using the program. However, it can be expensive for smaller businesses.

Onfleet is a similar platform, which charges by the driver and has no limit on the number of deliveries a month. It's cheaper than Route4Me and includes unlimited drivers. Both apps are integrated through Zapier. You'll be able to connect Route4Me to other business systems, including accounting and inventory management systems. And onfleet offers barcode scanning, which may be more useful to your business.

Route4Me's analytics dashboard has values for each metric, and you can export these reports for broader business use. It allows you to monitor fuel usage and customize the settings for each vehicle. The Track-POD feature allows you to specify unique volume, work time, route rates, and more. The software also lets you view individual routes, including the ones that have the highest revenue. And, the software offers a built-in API for integration with larger systems.


One of the most appealing Route4Me features is its ability to allocate routes to specific drivers. For example, you can assign the route to one driver or several drivers at the same time. This feature is only available on the more expensive plans. With Route4Me, you can also set up priority stops for your drivers, allowing them to make the most important ones first. Another feature is its ability to create custom avoidance zones, which can be added to your routes in the editor.

In addition to route optimization, Route4Me can accept scanned documents to identify and extract addresses. This can double or triple the number of deliveries made in one day. In addition to this, it can also optimize routes automatically, based on the data contained within scanned documents. This feature is particularly useful for small businesses that need to send multiple packages to different locations. If you have a large team, you can also use Route4Me to manage your employees' schedules and routes in real time.

Another Route4Me feature is its avoidance of left-handers. It can save up to 30% of driving time by automatically planning multi-stop routes. In addition, Route4Me allows you to reverse the avoidance for right-handers and U-turns. Once you have set up the features, you can then go to the route editor and make a few changes. If you don't like the default settings, you can customize the features of Route4Me so that they fit your requirements.

Route4Me also has applications for iOS and Android. Through these applications, you can contact your clients and manage customer data. You can even control your Route4Me dashboard from your mobile device. This feature will not only save you time and fuel, but will help you keep your customers happy. So, if you're in the logistics industry, Route4Me could be the right choice for your business. Just make sure that you understand its features before signing up.

Route4Me for Android makes it easy to access and edit your calendar. The app will automatically open your Google Calendar and add your route as an event. If you don't have an email, you can also create a Mobile Free account, which will automatically link to your Google account. You can then use this account for many other activities. When your route is completed, you'll be notified with a notification on your Android device.

Price ranges

Route4Me price ranges vary widely, but the basic service is free. Large businesses can expect to pay from $60 to $200 per month for the software. RouteStar Solutions, Forerunner, and OnFleet all have free trials, and some vendors charge for onboarding and setup fees. You can also use free route planning software to get started, such as BulkData Pro and VEZMA. Read on to learn more about the route planning software that fits your needs and budget!

The price ranges of Route4Me depend on how many drivers you plan to have. While the free trial is useful, it doesn't include advanced features. Larger fleets can get customized quotes for their service. While the free version of Route4Me allows for up to three drivers, enterprise customers can add more drivers for a higher price. For this reason, you should make sure to review the price range before purchasing Route4Me.

The price ranges of Route4Me and Track-POD vary significantly. Depending on the number of drivers and vehicles you manage, you can pay for the service by the task. Subscription plans include advanced delivery management and route optimization. The Starter and Standard plans also offer a free trial. A trial allows you to check out the features before making a decision. If you're looking for a more comprehensive service, you may want to upgrade to the premium plan.

If you're a small business, Route4Me's Starter plan will cost you about $359 per month. This includes 2,500 tasks per month, unlimited drivers, vehicles, and users. The higher tiers give you access to more features and higher action allowances. Wise Systems is a young startup that started as a student project and has since been carving out a place for itself in the last mile delivery market.

Targeting customers

If you're in the car and you need to find new customers, you can use Route4Me's dynamic route optimization system to automatically plan and optimize routes. It even sends the routes to customers on their smartphones. Route4Me allows you to set different alerting rules for customers, so you can let them know a day before they're scheduled to arrive at their location. The route-optimization software also lets you determine when your driver is within 5 miles, 5 minutes, or 5 kilometers of where they are.

The Route4Me Web Platform offers a user-friendly layout that contains sections for route planning, routes management, contacts, and orders. You can also set up complex organizational structures for your team. Route4Me allows you to limit user access in the Team tab, so you can control who can view the information. You can also create custom fleets and geo-fences. You can easily track your vehicles and manage orders and addresses.

Google Maps Platform's Geocoding API lets you transform addresses into geographic coordinates, which the Route4Me software uses to calculate routes. It also shares these coordinates with Route4Me software. Google Places features a database of 150 million points of interest and 25 million updates per day. Google Maps Platform integration enables Route4Me's geocoding technology to find addresses in real-time. These two services work together to make your route optimization process as fast and as efficient as possible.

Using Route4Me's cloud-based fleet management software, your employees can easily type in customer addresses and plan routes in their vehicle. You can also manually move customers to new routes. Besides, you can plan daily, weekly, and seasonal routes and assign drivers to different routes. You can even plan a round trip with a time restriction. Then, you can reassign drivers to different routes and keep track of their progress.

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