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Telematics are devices fitted to cars that send data to an insurance company. This information helps the insurer determine your risk profile and premium. Newer versions of "Black boxes" transmit a wider range of data to the insurance company. They also track the distance you drive and how many times you stop, which can be helpful when it comes to reducing your risk profile. Here are some of the benefits of telematics for car insurance.


ABAX Telematics UK is a European company with offices across the UK and Europe. This innovative solution allows businesses to access and use real-time data about their fleets. This enables businesses to make better business decisions and improve overall fleet management. ABAX's system is easy to install and use, with no additional training needed. To learn more, visit ABAX's website. This page also includes information on its various services and products.

ABAX Telematics UK is a provider of real-time fleet tracking and analytics, which enables users to make efficient fleet management decisions. By gathering this information and displaying it to management, businesses can reduce costs, improve driving patterns, and increase service levels. These new technological solutions simplify business operations and lower operating costs, while increasing profits. ABAX also invests heavily in research and development, with six million pounds being spent on research and development during the past year.

In the UK, ABAX has been active in expanding and buying companies in other countries. The firm has acquired two Swedish companies, Accessor Sverige AB and Ctrack Sweden AB. ABAX reported a 50% growth rate in 2015, with a presence in the region. In Peterborough, the company is now expanding its presence. While the UK has become the headquarters of ABAX, the company has also expanded into nearby Peterborough.

ABAX Triplog helps businesses manage their fleet costs by automatically documenting all driving using GPS technology. These data are essential for cutting fuel costs and improving staff efficiency. The Triplog also automates timesheets and mileage records, collecting valuable data on driving behaviour and emissions, fleet utilisation rates, speeding incidents, and much more. And the data collected by ABAX Triplog is invaluable to any business owner. That's why it's important to consider the impact of your fleet's operations on your bottom line.

Cloud Telematics

Founded in 2007, The Floow is one of the most established UK-based Cloud Telematics companies. Recently it received a large investment from Direct Line, which led to expansion in Sheffield and the hiring of industry experts. Its focus with telematics is to improve fleet efficiency and driver behaviour. Its products include fleet dashcams, driver behaviour monitoring, and mileage claims. These solutions are easy to install and provide 24/7 support.

Cloud Telematics has been in business for over 15 years, and has a proven track record. Its innovative vehicle tracking and telematics solutions are designed to improve efficiency, compliance, and results for fleet managers. With dedicated 24/7 support, Cloud Telematics understands the needs of its customers and is committed to providing a cost-effective, flexible solution. Its customer service staff is also available around the clock.

Other leading Cloud Telematics companies include Kinesis and VMS. Both have extensive experience in the field, with Kinesis having a large number of UK customers. The company has a global presence and has signed reseller agreements with fuel card and fleet software providers, financial services companies, insurance providers, and insurance companies. In the UK alone, VMS providers are among the fastest growing Cloud Telematics companies, with a market cap of over £5 billion.

TomTom NV is another one of the largest Cloud Telematics companies in the UK. The company was founded in 1996, and has grown to become one of the world's leading asset management solutions. The company is more flexible and customizable than many other Cloud Telematics companies, but it does offer the same features as other Telematics companies. Some of its offerings include tracking fuel efficiency, MPG, hours of service compliance, and vehicle diagnostics.


The Zubie telematics company has recently received a major investment from Decathlon Capital Partners. The company's new funding model enables it to gain access to growth capital without selling equity or making other governance changes. Zubie offers GPS tracking, fleet-management software, and connected car technology. The company has won several awards for its technology, including Best Insurance Telematics Product and Best OBDII Device and Software.

The company's customer success team is an industry benchmark, providing guidance and support for all aspects of onboarding and fleet management. These services ensure that devices are properly set up, the dashboard is easy to use and data is easily accessible. Zubie also offers several open APIs that allow customers to integrate their own software. However, Zubie has been the subject of mixed reviews. Many of its users have expressed confusion over contract terms and how to use their services.

One small business reviewed Zubie's service, which is similar to that of others. The company also launched Smart Maintenance, which helps fleet managers schedule and pay for service online. Another service, Asset Trak, allows fleet managers to monitor and protect equipment. Another recent addition to Zubie's portfolio is the Zubie Dashcam, which delivers in-cabin video and forward-facing video data. The company has continued to expand its portfolio of products and services.

For fleet management companies, Zubie has recently expanded its fleet connect capabilities to the rental market. The company is committed to enhancing fleet management with the latest technologies, while maintaining a user-friendly platform that makes it easy for users to access game-changing data. This partnership is another great example of Zubie's commitment to advancing the field of vehicle telematics. While other companies continue to grow in size and scope, Zubie continues to push the boundaries of vehicle telematics.


Vehicle tracking with telematics is becoming a common feature in businesses around the UK. Not only do the devices provide valuable data on your fleet, but they also support drivers in improving their driving habits, ensuring a safe and efficient journey. The table below compares the top UK telematics companies. These solutions are designed to give business owners peace of mind and reduce insurance claims. Read on to discover the benefits of vehicle tracking.

Webfleet Solutions, previously TomTom Telematics, offers various tools to optimize fleets. Its products include vehicle tracking and driver behaviour monitoring, helping fleet managers manage their drivers and improve their business' bottom line. Other benefits of its services include driver identification and accurate traffic information. The company also markets itself as the world's largest provider of telematics solutions. A fleet manager can save money on fuel by monitoring his or her vehicles' driving habits and reducing their overall fuel consumption.

Telematics companies can be difficult to choose, but it's worth the trouble. These providers can provide a bespoke quote for your fleet and can integrate with your existing software. The best companies offer a variety of services and solutions, so it's vital to find one that suits your needs and budget. A few of the most popular telematics providers are The Floow, Teletech Solutions, and Telematics UK.

TRACKER offers a wide range of vehicle tracking solutions for small businesses and large fleets. The company's enhanced tracking capabilities allow vehicle location in underground locations, containers, and even into Europe. TRACKER's software includes real-time location tracking, replay journeys, and an extensive reporting suite. This is one of the most comprehensive and effective fleet management solutions available. With its telematics solutions, businesses can save time, money, and effort, while protecting their fleets.

Appy Fleet

As part of its UK Road Safety Week campaign, the telematics company Appy Fleet has teamed up with UK youth charity Brake and technology giant Trak Global Group to encourage safe driving in the workplace. This competition aims to find the UK's most safe fleet drivers, using Appy Fleet's telematics technology. This means that fleet managers can monitor the driving habits of their workforce without imposing expensive upfront costs or lengthy downtime.

The key to success with telematics in fleet management is knowing how to interpret the data that telematics provides. Telematics data can be translated into actionable management insight or business intelligence that can be used to drive improvements in the business. To do this, telematics partners must be able to provide data in a meaningful format, mirror the organisational structure of the business and offer ongoing support throughout the solution's lifecycle.

UK fleet telematics devices allow users to track the location of their vehicles at any given time. The technology also provides useful information about travelling speeds within points of interest. The GPS data is then transmitted to a central server, where it is interpreted by fleet management software. Using Appy Fleet's telematics technology, businesses can make better decisions and improve their bottom line. With the help of telematics technology, fleet managers can monitor and track every aspect of their fleet operations.

Using telematics in fleet management is a crucial step towards reducing costs. Inefficient route planning, engine idling, unauthorised use of the fleet, and job site bottlenecks can increase fuel costs. Telematics will help fleet managers keep their fuel costs to a minimum while providing real-time data on the driving behaviour of drivers. Moreover, telematics will reduce the number of human operators needed in the fleet.

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