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Assettrac is an innovative asset tracking system that solves these issues and has been successfully implemented across a wide range of industries. Its system of scanning technology includes QR Codes, barcodes, RFID, and more. It can also work with any third-party scanner. It has successfully completed projects for companies like Air Liquide, Ofcom, and Amnesty International. More than 1,000 organisations use the system worldwide. You can also read more about Assettrac and its system in this article.


The Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) has developed a telematics standard, ISO 15143-3, which defines a common data format for integrating the various data streams from a fleet of vehicles. This standard includes almost 20 common parameters, such as asset identification, operating hours, fuel consumption, engine temperature, idle time, and average power percentage. The software then integrates the data from various sources to provide users with relevant metrics and real-time actionable insights.

AEMP asset tracking software has the added benefit of supporting two-way data exchange, which is important for asset management. Using a telematics system allows you to view your fleet on a single platform, allowing you to track every machine and its condition. It also alerts you to potential problems and unauthorized usage of your assets. As a result, your users will have a better understanding of how your fleet is performing.

AEMP asset tracking software is also designed to track equipment from its acquisition to disposal. Its robust database of data allows you to analyze asset maintenance and disposal costs, reducing the overall cost of asset management. Ineffective management can lead to damaged equipment and corresponding increased maintenance expenses. Nobody wants to incur extra costs for maintenance. AEMP asset tracking software helps companies stay on top of their maintenance costs. And it will also help you track asset depreciation.

Equipment tracking software makes it easy to manage assets for your business. The software can track assets, assign them to employees, and alert you when it needs maintenance. Additionally, it helps improve the life cycle management of equipment by allowing you to set up maintenance dates and track usage. With this type of software, you won't have to worry about missing a maintenance date. Your employees can even access the software from anywhere in your organization.


CoreRFID is a British supplier of RFID-based asset tracking software. They also supply RFID tags and scanning hardware. Their range of asset tracking software is used by a number of large and small companies including London Underground, Ainscough Crane Hire, and Ocado. Founded in 1981, the company has become one of the UK's leading suppliers of asset tracking software and maintenance management systems.

RFID asset tracking provides durable tags and access to data from a distance. These tags also allow for editing of pre-generated data, as well as setting up alerts for when an asset is moved. Additionally, this software also includes an asset register. This digital database keeps track of assets and gives employees access to their location, procurement costs, maintenance history, and last known user. RFID asset tracking software is an important component of any asset management system.

The benefits of using an asset tracking software system vary depending on the needs of the business. Many industries can benefit from this software, including manufacturers, schools, hospitals, and IT centres. Some features may be more important to a manufacturing organisation than a retail company. For example, manufacturing organisations may prioritize preventive maintenance programs while retail companies will rely on mobile access to enhance their POS strategy. And because RFID technology is so reliable, it can help organisations identify where their assets are in real time.

In addition to being inexpensive, CoreRFID asset tracking software enables businesses to track mobile assets and tools on production lines. Using RFID technology to track assets can eliminate duplicate assets and prevent theft and fraud. In addition, RFID asset tracking software can integrate with other computerised maintenance management systems and asset management systems. It can also be used to automate manual processes by triggering custom workflows. RFID asset tracking software can integrate seamlessly with existing asset management systems and maintenance management software to increase accuracy.


Hardcat asset tracking software enables companies to manage all types of assets in a single, integrated system. It offers modular features that allow businesses to purchase the functionality and licences they need and integrate with existing systems. These solutions allow organizations to automate workflow processes while ensuring instant visibility of asset information throughout its lifecycle. Common users of Hardcat asset tracking software include government agencies, construction companies, legal/finance firms, and police forces.

Founded in 1986, Hardcat has since expanded internationally with innovative solutions for asset management. Within four years, it expanded to the United Kingdom and secured a client base ranging from the Ministry of Defence to Harrods. In 2000, Hardcat expanded to the United States and appointed partners in different countries to further enhance its product offerings. Hardcat's award-winning software is used by companies of all sizes to manage their physical assets.

The company's Assettrac system has been proven to be effective in addressing a wide range of tracking challenges, including the identification of mobile and fixed assets. Its scanning technology is independent of the scanner and is compatible with third-party scanners. The Hardcat solution also features a proven project methodology that allows businesses to conduct asset audits and health checks and generate reports in an organised format. This helps organisations manage their assets efficiently and comply with regulations.

Its modular architecture makes implementation flexible, scalable, and affordable. The features and functionalities of Hardcat Asset Tracking and ServiceNow allow for seamless integration and expansion. The two software packages should also support processes, workflows, customer service, and reporting. ServiceNow has an extensive list of capabilities and is priced slightly higher than Hardcat Asset Tracking. Its price range is based on the size of your organization. Its user base is diverse, ranging from small businesses to large corporations.


The Hilti ON!Track asset tracking software helps businesses easily track and tag their assets. Its field employees help clients tag assets and register them in the Hilti asset tracking system. The software then gives users access to their asset information via a web browser. The software's robust features help businesses make better use of their assets. Hilti asset tracking software is available in both web-based and on-site versions.

Hilti North America's ON!Track system has now reached version 3.0. It provides users with more data-driven insights about their tools, such as the last location of the tool. The software also gives contractors ways to manage their tools and accessories. Additionally, the Hilti ON!Track system can give contractors insights on how much time they spend maintaining tools, and when to retire a tool. It can even send notifications when the tool needs maintenance or a service.

For construction companies, Hilti ON!Track is a cloud-hosted asset management platform that makes it easy for construction professionals to manage their assets. The software allows users to manage assets on the go, and can be accessed from iOS or Android devices. Users can even log in and manage their assets no matter where they are. Besides being user-friendly, Hilti ON!Track can help companies stay organized, reduce costs, and run more profitable businesses.

If you are looking for a high-quality asset tracking system, Hilti ON!Track is the right fit. This software tracks information and documents about assets and charges per asset. Unlimited users are allowed with this software and security is provided with user roles and access permissions. There is also a trial version that allows you to test the software for free. When choosing Hilti asset tracking software, be sure to ask about the trial version so you can see how it works for you.

Real Asset Management

The UK-based Real Asset Management (RAM) is the leading supplier of fixed asset and lease accounting software. Their products and services help thousands of companies around the world meet IFRS compliance requirements. The company was founded in 1981, and has been successfully implementing solutions for a wide variety of industries. Some of their customers include HM Treasury, Rick Stein Group, Habib Bank, West Suffolk Hospital, Glasgow Kelvin College, Hillingdon Council, and more.

MRI Asset4000 is a fixed asset register that tracks all changes over an asset's life cycle. It allows users to calculate depreciation, manage multiple books of assets, and address SOX compliance. MRI supports over 50,000 users worldwide. Its robust platform supports various types of asset tracking use cases. Its advanced features include 25-level asset analysis, customizable reports, and exporting data to Excel.

In addition to helping companies keep track of their assets, the software can also help them avoid costly mistakes. Missing assets can affect production, result in customer dissatisfaction, and cause a loss of revenue. Real Asset Management UK asset tracking software makes it easy to manage your assets in real-time. With the use of sophisticated software, you'll never lose a single asset again! And don't forget to export the data - moving to a new location can be time-consuming and costly.

Lastly, asset management is a must-have for healthcare organizations. Healthcare organizations depend on equipment and tools for their operations. A robust asset tracking software helps them provide the best services to patients and control costs from lost equipment. Casperon's Real-time asset tracking software provides comprehensive inventory audits, assigns unique identification numbers to assets, and manages all assets. It also monitors asset condition and schedules maintenance.

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