The History of Blippar is a complicated one, as the company was founded by Ambarish Mitra and Omar Tayeb in 2011. At its height, it had 300 employees, but by early 2017 it was down to just 261 people. In the same year, Mitra claimed that a buyer had offered $1.5 billion for the company. As a result, Blippar has been plagued by misdirection in recent years, making huge losses in 2017 and losing key executives.

The founders of Blippar were once hailed as "real life slumdog millionaires," but a report from the Financial Times cast doubt on the company's past as a successful entrepreneur. Mitra, Blippar's CEO, claimed to have studied at the London School of Economics. The company eventually acquired Layar, an AR startup. Layar's founders tried to buy it back, but Mitra was unable to do so.

Despite its lukewarm reception, Blippar is still available for download on Android and iOS. It also offers WebAR experiences. Its current focus is advertising, with packaged goods and live events acting as targets for advertorial AR experiences. Blippar's re-introduction to the world came at the OnePlus Nord launch in July. While it was impossible to attend this launch in person, Blippar's augmented reality experience recreated the event in a half-hour cinematic version.


While most AR mapping applications use location information from the phone to determine where the camera is, Blippar is not a location-based one. By blipping objects or images, users can unlock helpful information, interactive brands, videos, and music. The app also showcases visual search engine APIs and facial recognition technology. The accuracy of Blippar's algorithms is claimed to be 99.6 percent, which is impressive considering that Apple previously bought two facial recognition companies. The iPhone 8 is expected to feature the technology, too.

In order to start using Blippar, you must first create an account with the app. Once you log in, you can choose a marker that the viewer will scan to start the experience. When selecting a marker, keep in mind the weather and foliage as these can affect the viewing experience. The app is available in the App Store from November 7th, and you can license the software. To learn more about Blippar, read on!

One of the most exciting new features of Blippar is its WebAR SDK. This SDK allows users to create interactive AR experiences without the need for coding. Blippar also offers free software development kits for WebAR content. Blippar offers free support and 24/7 help to help users develop engaging AR experiences. This software allows users to easily share their creations across multiple platforms. It's clear that Blippar has made AR creativity more accessible to more people.


Among the alternatives to Blippar, Augment stands out. Founded in 2011, Augment is based in Paris and competes in the same field as Blippar. This web-based application allows developers to easily create augmented reality campaigns and publish them within minutes. In addition, it features cloud services that improve offline recognition and ensure fast response times. It also offers a free mobile application and a developer toolkit.

A popular augmented reality app, Blippar uses computer vision technology, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality to let users experience the magic of augmented reality right in their everyday lives. Users can scan objects and even brands to see what is hidden beneath. Whether it is a product or a brand, Blippar can help users learn about them and the artist behind them. The app also allows users to share the images they create and share them with others.

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