Wikiroutes is a free online map of public transport routes, edited by users and designed to be reusable by other users. Wikiroutes allows users to edit public transit route data in a user-friendly manner and convert it into GTFS data. This gives users the ability to create database versions and access analytical tools that assist in transit network planning and modelling. Wikiroutes provides 7 key data attributes for public transportation routes, including Timetable, Operating dates, Fare, payment methods, and Transit agency.

Wikiroutes data is used by many global businesses for geofencing, urban mobility analysis, and urban planning. This data is collected from city authorities and community members in 240 countries. Wikiroutes is headquartered in the Russian Federation. The Wikiroutes platform is based on crowdsourcing principles, and the community is comprised of thousands of volunteers and editors who provide the data with outstanding quality. Its data is also based on city authorities, which means that the public can view, edit, and add information about any route in the world.


As the name suggests, Wikiroutes is an online database of public transport routes that has been updated by the community. The community includes more than 5,000 transporters and editors who add detailed information about public transportation routes. The database contains information about more than 1650 cities around the world and also has mobile clients. Wikiroutes is free to use and offers real-time transportation information. There are three main types of Wikiroutes: public transport, private transport, and mobile services.

The first type of relation is called "super-relation." This type of relation is not supported in CycleMap, currently. The current renderers only display the ref and network tag of the route it belongs to. As a result, it is important to add tags to all part relations. Parts, alternative routes, and excursions should be placed into a different relation. Sometimes, a super-relation is needed without splitting routes into parts.


Alternatives to Wikiroutes are map services, GPS navigation services and more. You might want to check out WikiMapia, which is similar to Google Maps but integrates the wiki system. These sites allow you to input your own information and map details. This is an especially useful feature if you are traveling to a new location. In this article, we'll examine a few of the best alternatives to Wikiroutes.

Wikiroutes is a free, user-edited directory of public transportation routes. It aims to promote bi-lateral communication between public transport agencies and their users, improving local transit services. If you're looking for a comprehensive map of public transport routes in your city, WikiRoutes might be right for you. Alternatively, you can use Waze, which is free and highly resourceful.

Getting Around Las Vegas With Wikiroutes
If you`re new to Las Vegas, it can be helpful to learn about the different transportation options available. Monorail services run from Sahara Avenue to the MGM Grand, with stops at the Las Vegas Convention Center, LVH, Flamingo, and Bally`s. The monorail is...