Google Earth Easter Eggs

There are countless Google Earth easter eggs to discover, so be sure to keep an eye out for them. These hidden features and tricks are all waiting for you to explore. We'll discuss Locations, Rotation, and Tricks in this article. And if you're still not sure which ones are worth your while, just read on to discover more! So, go forth and explore! You'll be glad you did.


If you are a Google Earth fan, you might want to know more about how to get more out of your favorite mapping program. Google Earth has a ton of amazing features, from calling and pulling up queries to discovering hidden wholesome moments captured by Google cars. Using the app can open a whole new world for you! Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of Google Earth. You might be surprised to know that you can find new planets at light speed! Among the hidden Easter Eggs in Google Earth, you will find some famous locations that have not been discovered yet. One such example is the Buckingham Palace, which has been hidden within Google Maps. These hidden objects were quietly added by Google to keep the user satisfied. It is an interesting Easter Egg to discover! The software has many other hidden and special features that will make you feel like a real geek! You can even use it to find hidden items in other Google products, like Gmail. One of the hidden features is the flight simulator. You can launch it by pressing Ctrl-Alt-A on your keyboard, or Cmd-Opt A on a Mac. Another is the Game of Life, a cellular automaton created by British mathematician John Horton Conway in 1970. You can also find punting in cities like Oxford and Cambridge. You can even see the ancient geoglyphs of Switzerland!


Flight simulator: A hidden feature of Google Earth is a flight simulator. You can fly an airplane from any airport on the Earth. Download a cockpit add-on and you can use a joystick to control the flight. Whether you're a novice or an experienced pilot, you'll enjoy using the flight simulator. In fact, it's possible that this feature will become a standard in future versions of Google Earth. Currently Web browsers don't support the flying simulator, thus you must download Google Earth. Flying through Google Earth takes practise, but it's worth it.
Strange spots: Whether you're on the moon or exploring the interior of Mars, the world of Google Earth has surprises waiting to be discovered. Besides aliens, you can also find polka-dot patterns on the moon and strange structures etched into the Gobi Desert. You can even see a phantom island in the South Pacific. In Kazakhstan, you can spot a swastika-shaped geoglyph.
Hidden features: Easter eggs are features hidden within Google products. Some of them are intentionally hidden or work on specific holidays. Some Easter eggs are in-browser games, cultural references, or seasonal features. They often form bonds between Google employees, which are often created during 20% time. The eggs themselves are also known as Paschal eggs and are often given as gifts on Easter. Google is a dynamic company, so you'll find new ones on a regular basis.


If you've been exploring Google Earth for any length of time, you've probably come across some of the hidden Easter eggs. You've probably noticed a few of these hidden gems, but did you know you can find more than just locations? Google Earth satellites have also been known to pick up hidden messages and features. These hidden messages and features are often overlooked, but those who know how to look for them can find even more surprises! If you're a fan of the music of Morrissey, you've likely noticed that there are Easter Eggs hidden in Google Earth. Whether you're searching for locations from the band's 'Stone Sour', or 'Alice in Wonderland', there's a place on the planet that you may have never thought of. The following are just some of the locations that you'll be able to find using Google Earth.

Creepy statue in Nancy, France

This creepy statue in Nancy, France is no joke, but it is definitely worth a look. Google Maps Street View has captured many interesting and amusing scenes. People have created social media pages dedicated to these candid photos. One of the most intriguing scenes was the statue's recognition of the Street View car. It appears to acknowledge the driver, and even acknowledges other pedestrians and the camera as it passes by. A mummy-like figure was recently captured on Street View in Nancy, France. The figure has thin limbs and large, white eyes. It was photographed next to a bicycle, and the photo was posted online. It has garnered a lot of speculation due to the low resolution of the photo, but it is worth a look. The statue has many fans on Reddit and is certainly worth a visit.


If you're a die-hard Google Earth fan, you've probably noticed some interesting things hidden in the map. While most of them are just fun little tricks, a few of these have even more hidden features than you may expect. Here are some examples. These are not the typical Easter eggs you might find on a traditional egg hunt, but they are worth a try. They're easy to find and will keep you entertained for hours. Some Google users may be surprised to find that a flight simulator has been hidden in the map of Earth. This flight simulator has been a popular Easter Egg in Google Earth for some time. If you're the adventurous type, you might even be able to find a flight simulator in Google Earth! The more Easter Eggs you find, the more they'll become more fun. But what about the ones you don't find? If you're a big fan of the television show, you may want to try looking for the TARDIS in Google Earth. The TARDIS is the famous blue police box that Doctor Who uses to travel through space. You can even find this Easter egg by searching for 'Do A Barrel Roll' on Google. You can also do a search for "tardis" in Google Maps. Once you find it, you can even navigate around it in your mobile device. This easter egg has received a lot of praise on Twitter and has led many to believe it was actually added by Google for the purpose of announcing a new feature. One Reddit user found the image, and posted it on Google Maps. The image, which was blurred by Google, is believed to be a statue of a tiki. After hundreds of reports, Google was forced to blur the image. However, there is some confusion over the exact nature of the statue. The blurry, bloody appearance is most likely the result of a dog dragging water, and not a human.

International Space Station

Google worked with NASA to give Google Earth users a glimpse inside the International Space Station as it circles the globe.
The space station tour shows how astronauts live and work. You can tour all 15 space station modules and two moored spacecraft. The tour covers astronauts' daily lives.

Pegman drag-and-drop character

If you like to play with the drag-and-drop characters in Google Maps, you might want to try Pegman. This little character appears in a number of Google Earth Easter Eggs, and can be very fun to play with. While Pegman is usually yellow, he can be a mermaid in Hawaii or a UFO near Groom Lake, Nevada. You can also use Pegman to explore places around the world. A location called Area 51 in Nevada has a Google Maps icon that can be used to turn Pegman into a flying saucer. To find this location, navigate to the address, and you will see Pegman there. Once you've done that, click the "Pegman" icon to open Google Maps. You can zoom into Google Maps to explore the countryside or search for Loch Ness. Alternatively, you can explore the Palace in London, and find Pegman in costume. If you're a fan of pop culture, Pegman also appears in the Google Earth app. There are plenty of other easter eggs to explore in Google Earth. Keep an eye out for them, and have fun exploring the new feature.

Swim with Sharks

Google Earth's Voyager component features a deep-sea voyage. In waters across the world, you can swim alongside sharks. This unusual view of the ocean and its wildlife is rare.
The Ocean Agency shared photographs from 26 nations of one of the ocean's most infamous species. Great Whites, Bull Sharks, and Blacktip Sharks are pictured. Google Earth delivers a unique view on the ocean's depths with the help of this easter egg.

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