Moovit, Citymapper, and KakaoTaxi Work in Seoul?

Whether you're in the heart of Seoul or just visiting, you'll need to use the right transportation application. Moovit, Citymapper, and KakaoTaxi all claim to help you navigate the city. But which one is right for you? We'll cover each in more detail in this article. But before we begin, let's review the basics of each of these services. The app's user interface is beautiful, and it presents information on the city of Seoul and the metropolitan region. It also has international support, downloadable subway maps, real time departure times, and ride sharing options.


Moovit citymapper works in Seoul. It's a simple, user-friendly travel planner app that can be used offline and won't eat into your data plan when you're abroad. Unlike many other travel apps, this one shows you both English and Korean results, making it ideal for visitors who don't speak Hangul. It also offers downloadable subway maps, real-time departure times, and ride sharing options. Moovit is a free journey planner app that combines public transportation data with real-time data. It can provide you with the latest schedules, public transit information, and route planning, and can even alert you to service disruptions. Moovit works in Seoul and other major Asian cities, and it's supported in many cities in the United States and Europe. The app features a smart trip planner, which can suggest viable alternate routes, as well as step-by-step navigation for travelers.


Citymapper is a great way to navigate the vast city of Seoul. With hundreds of shopping and dining options, neon lights, and dozens of entertainment spots, Seoul has plenty to offer. While public transport is reliable and fast, Seoul is so big that walking from one place to another is nearly impossible. You can use the app to get directions to many locations in Seoul, and make your travel time as efficient as possible. If you're interested in learning more about Seoul, check out our review. The Citymapper app has an intuitive user interface, allowing you to navigate the city with ease. It displays a map of Seoul and the surrounding metropolitan area, and has international support. In addition to subway maps, the app features real-time departure times and ride-sharing features. Whether you're visiting for a day or want to spend a week exploring the city, Citymapper can help you plan your journey efficiently and safely.


UberX and KakaoTaxi are competing with one another to provide transportation services in Seoul. UberX has been suspended in Korea due to government regulations, but KakaoTaxi has signed memorandums of understanding with taxi companies and drivers. KakaoTaxi also accepts subway passes. It is unclear how these two new apps will compete. For now, both services seem to have advantages. In fact, they share some of the same features. Although Uber is not as popular in South Korea, Kakao Taxi has managed to get 84 per cent of taxi drivers in Seoul to register with the service in less than 10 months. The company avoided controversy by working with the government and taxi firms to sign up their drivers. However, Kakao Taxi is not yet available in some parts of the city, including popular nightlife areas. The app is a convenient alternative to traditional taxis, but Kakao is not happy about this yet.

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