Tips For Choosing a Business Travel Backpack

While traditional travel backpacks still have a place in our daily lives, the business traveler has different needs from casual travelers. The most important thing to look for in a business travel backpack is its smart aesthetic. Think understated colorways and clean silhouettes. The business traveler's bag should be durable and comfortable to carry. Here are some tips for choosing a business travel backpack:

Business travel backpacks are becoming more streamlined and professionalized

Today, business travel backpacks have evolved from simple messenger bags into more streamlined and professional-looking luggage. These backpacks offer special compartments for business items, like laptops, and smaller organizers for business necessities. The best business travel backpacks are designed to be TSA-friendly, which allows you to get through security quicker and keep everything in one place. They usually have a laptop compartment that opens flat so that you can easily access it without having to remove it from your backpack.

Business travel backpacks have many features that make them more efficient and comfortable. Some models have compartments designed for a laptop and tablet, RFID-protected pockets to keep microchipped documents safe, and even a hidden stash pocket underneath a rain cover. The main compartment is spacious and includes a divider for files and laptops, while a hard-shell quick-access case is available for sunglasses.

They should have a laptop compartment

When selecting a business travel backpack, look for TSA-friendly features. The best business travel backpacks will include a dedicated laptop compartment to expedite TSA security checks. If you frequently fly, a TSA-friendly laptop compartment will save you a lot of time and frustration. Look for luggage straps as well, which allow you to mount the backpack on top of a large suitcase without taking it out.

A padded laptop compartment is an essential feature of business travel backpacks. This allows you to access your laptop without opening the entire backpack and risk damaging your laptop. Separate compartments are also useful if you frequently fly. You can also combine a large backpack with a small purse to carry your laptop. Business travel backpacks should have ample storage space and organization compartments. A laptop compartment is also a necessity if you carry important documents, your cell phone, and clothing.

While a laptop compartment is an important feature for a business travel backpack, it is also a great addition for the main compartment. It should not restrict your personal space and should have room for a 17-inch laptop. There are also slip pockets in the main compartment to organize your belongings. You can find great business travel backpacks at For other options, see our related posts below.

They should be comfortable

While choosing a business travel backpack, consider the type of trip you will be taking. You should look for one that is comfortable to carry, water resistant, and large enough to fit everything you need. It should not be too heavy or cumbersome. It should have comfortable straps and a secure organization system. Whether you are traveling alone or with a group of colleagues, a comfortable business travel backpack is essential.

The material of a business travel backpack is crucial to the comfort level of the bag. Choose a water-resistant nylon backpack for climates where rain is common. For outdoor use, select a durable polyester bag. Also, look for backpacks with back panels that are breathable. These features will promote ventilation and contour to your body. A comfortable backpack should also feature adjustable and padded straps. The backpanel should be well-padded to avoid the risk of strain.

They should be durable

A business travel backpack should be comfortable to carry, with a padded compartment for your laptop. It should also be spacious enough to hold your tablet. It should not open to 180 degrees, since you can't fully display your computer. Nonetheless, the Poerma backpack is durable, and has plenty of pockets for other things as well. The Poerma is made from 900D nylon, which is both water and abrasion-resistant.

While choosing a business travel backpack, you should always consider the material. Nylon is a cheap material with good tear and water-repellent properties. Nylon backpacks are also easy to clean, but they tend to look shabby after a few years of use. On the other hand, leather backpacks are sturdier, and look more professional. The best leather backpacks are full-grain leather, which will age beautifully.

A business travel backpack should also protect your valuables. Lockable zippers and suspended laptop storage are two useful features for extra security. While backpack mode is a convenient way to carry a heavy load, duffel or briefcase modes are best for more formal occasions. You'll be less conspicuous if the bag doesn't crinkle up your blazer. So, choose a business travel backpack that will be durable for years to come.

They should have slip pockets

If you're traveling for business, you'll need a good travel backpack that has enough compartments for all of your necessities. The most important feature for frequent travelers is a TSA-friendly laptop compartment, which will save you a lot of time at the airport. Also, a luggage strap is a must-have, as this allows you to mount your travel backpack on top of a larger suitcase.

They should have stowable shoulder straps

When shopping for a business travel backpack, be sure to check for a stowable shoulder strap system. Some travel backpacks have both a stowable harness and a suspension system to tuck your pack into the shoulder. The REI Ruckpack, for example, features a harness that tucks neatly into the back of the pack.

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