Which Business Travel Company Is Right For You?

When it comes to booking a business travel, a lot of people don't know where to start. With so many options available, how can you decide which one is right for you? Here are some companies to consider: Mantic Point, Reed & Mackay, Ickenham Travel Group, Concierge Travel Group, and TAXI. All of them are highly rated and have a wealth of experience in business travel.

Mantic Point

A case study of how Mantic Point helps Direct Travel deliver a better customer experience can be downloaded below. Read the case study to learn more about how the company has helped the company improve its customer journey and deliver superior service to business travelers. It also details how Direct Travel has used its new mobile travel app, Direct2U, to enhance its client experience. The company's innovative business travel solution includes customizable traveller tracking, disruption management, and location and weather details. Users can also access direct travel agents from any device.

Mantic Point's OpenItinerary Nexus technology helps TMCs and corporate buyers manage their travel data more efficiently. It unifies information from various sources and gives a single view of the traveller. OpenItinerary Nexus integrates social, mobile, and online tools to give a single itinerary to business travellers. This makes it easier to manage data from various sources. Using Mantic Point's platform, travellers can easily view their itinerary and book flights from multiple sources.

The company specializes in solving travel-related challenges. With heightened digital expectations and evolving customer behavior, the company wanted to update its business process to improve the travel experience for business travellers. It decided to partner with Mantic Point to modernize its traveler management technology, revamp document delivery systems, and consolidate digital aspects. Using Mantic Point's business travel direct service, Direct Travel can better manage and monitor its travel-related activities and deliver a better customer experience.

Reed & Mackay

The renowned travel group, Reed & Mackay, has recently acquired the Business Travel Direct division of the Ickenham Travel Group. This move brings together two companies with similar client retention rates. The Reed & Mackay business travel direct division, with over 400 travel specialists in five UK offices, has also expanded its global coverage, opening a joint office with Munckhof Business Travel in the Netherlands. Despite the change in ownership, Reed & Mackay will retain the same high level of service and client care that their competitors offer.

After the acquisition of the business travel division of Ickenham Travel Group, Reed & Mackay will operate under the umbrella of TripActions. Reed & Mackay has acquired several travel companies to expand its service offerings. For example, it has formed a strategic alliance with Munckhof Business Travel in the Netherlands and partnered with Connexus Travel in China. These partnerships and acquisitions are indicative of Reed & Mackay's commitment to customer satisfaction.

The company also plans to maintain its premium brand and the bespoke service it offers its clients. Inflexion invested in Reed & Mackay in 2016, supporting acquisitions in the UK, Canada, and Australia, as well as opening new offices in the US. The support provided by Inflexion will be vital during the next few years as Reed & Mackay prepares to enter the travel market once more. With its headquarters in London, Reed & Mackay will remain the preferred travel partner of top business companies and a premier provider of corporate travel services.

Ickenham Travel Group

Ickenham Travel Group has made another acquisition to further expand its travel services. The acquisition of the Reed & Mackay business travel specialist is a move that makes sense for businesses looking to expand their travel management services. The company currently operates in 140 locations and four countries, with one exit in its portfolio. The company has also increased its focus on corporate travel services, with the recent launch of Zen Meetings & Events.

Founded almost 50 years ago, Ickenham Travel Group started as a travel arranging company in Slough, United Kingdom. The group now has two trading brands: Business Travel Direct and Letsgo2. Both companies provide the same high-quality service and destination expertise to corporate clients. Business Travel Direct is a leading corporate travel provider, providing exceptional value and service to its clients. Business Travel Direct was formed in 1976, and letsgo2 was established in 2008.

Reed & Mackay, a leading Australian investment bank, acquired the Business Travel Direct division of Ickenham Travel Group. The company subsequently acquired the Australian TMC Concierge Travel Group, and has partnered with Munckhof Business Travel, the Netherlands-based travel management firm. The combined firm now has a global footprint, with offices in Australia, the Netherlands, China, and the United Kingdom. In addition, the business travel direct division of Ickenham Travel Group has been growing steadily for two years.

Concierge Travel Group

When it comes to business travel, you'll probably need to plan ahead. With the help of the Concierge Travel Group, you can plan everything from the perfect hotel to the perfect Rafael Nadal tennis match. They can even organize a family-friendly vacation to Europe. Founded in 1979, the Concierge Travel Group offers a wide variety of customised services for both corporate and leisure clients. Their services include Swiss and Europe travel, Freighter Expeditions, Elegant Resorts and Villas, and more. Whether you're a frequent business traveler or simply need an extra helping hand, they're here to help.

The name concierge originally came from French and meant servant, who was responsible for keeping a castle clean and well-lit. These days, the word concierge refers to a travel professional. Concierge travel services use their extensive global network to make sure you have a great time wherever you go. Leading concierge travel companies have relationships with a wide range of partners, and digital technology and industry-friendly software applications provide additional support for concierges.

While the industry is highly competitive, the services offered are truly personalized. Business travel concierges work with their clients to learn about their needs and provide them with exceptional service. Their expertise guides their creative service. Typically, concierge services are offered at a membership level, with fees either monthly, annual, or pay-as-you-go. With the Concierge Travel Group, you'll be taken care of from the initial booking process to the end of your trip.

SAP Concur

While many businesses enjoy the convenience of booking their travel through SAP Concur, others find it difficult to manage the process. Whether you are reimbursing employees, or reimbursing vendors for mileage expenses, you need to manage your travel expense program through a single system. Emburse Certify is a cloud-based travel management solution that allows you to book your business trips online, manage expenses and automate policy compliance. Its user-friendly interface allows you to save money on unused tickets and track reimbursable mileage expenses. And with easy payment options, it allows you to reimburse vendors and employees for unused mileage.

In addition to managing travel expenses, Concur helps organizations manage their expenses, invoices, and more. The travel management solution is compatible with all major GDSs, and offers an array of travel management services. It also provides mobile tools and support for employees. It also offers integration with various third-party travel suppliers. The TripLink product also allows you to book direct with participating suppliers such as Avis North America, Hertz, and Sixt.

The business travel management solutions from SAP Concur are easy to use. The interface allows for easy mobile management and easy access to corporate travel booking capabilities. These systems also help you manage expenses from mobile devices. They can also automatically populate expense reports with electronic receipts from suppliers. Moreover, they offer rich and detailed reporting, dashboards, and analytics, so you can monitor and manage your business travel expenses with ease. If you are planning a business trip in the near future, Business travel direct with SAP Concur can help you manage your expenses efficiently.

Enterprise Travel Direct

If your company has employees who are required to travel for work, Enterprise Travel Direct is an excellent choice. Its online journey planning system is free for companies to use and allows them to compare rental costs across car clubs, hourly car clubs, and grey fleet vehicles, and see real-time availability. In addition, Enterprise Travel Direct makes it easy to book and manage corporate ground travel for your employees. The best part? The platform is easy to navigate and allows you to view availability and pricing of rental cars near your location.

The EHIDirect app simplifies the process of booking and managing business travel, offering competitive rates on car rental and flights, and offers a traveler profile that stores important information about your company and individual travelers. The company's mobile-responsive web platform makes it easy for travelers to book trips quickly and easily, and it helps companies spend less overall. Its online booking system is fully mobile responsive, allowing customers to book nearby vehicles instantly.

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