Bing Maps API Pricing

If you're thinking about using the Bing Maps API, you've probably wondered what the price is. There are several different types of keys, including Trial, Basic, Truck routing, and Geocoding. You may have also wondered what is included in each of these types of keys. We'll take a look at these types of keys and how much they cost, so you can determine which type of key is best for your needs.

Trial key

You can get a free trial key for Bing Maps API to test the features and controls. However, the key expires after 90 days and you can only perform a limited number of transactions per 30 days. You may be able to get a new key from Microsoft's Azure Marketplace, but it will have limited functionality. To get the most out of the trial key, you should purchase it. The Trial Key for Bing Maps API pricing is not available for Enterprise customers. You can get a Trial Key for Bing Maps API pricing if you are a small or medium-sized business, or for an application that does not have a high volume of usage. The free key provides access to 500,000 transactions. It is also a great option for users who don't have an Enterprise agreement and are comfortable with the public Bing Maps terms and conditions.

Basic key

If you're interested in using Bing Maps in your website, you'll first need an API key. Previously known as the Bing Maps AJAX Control API, this web-based mapping service can be obtained for free. But what is the pricing structure? What is the cost for 500,000 monthly transactions? Here's what you can expect. You can use this API for internal or public websites. Depending on your needs, you can get your key for half a cent to $1.50 per call. If you're a developer who wants to use Bing Maps for your website, you can take advantage of its free trial. You can use this trial key to see how the pricing model works. Once you've got your key, you'll need to enter it in the key field. Bing Maps API pricing varies depending on the amount of usage you need. Some licenses allow you to geocode addresses, while others have more limitations.

Truck routing key

If you're planning to develop an application to allow your users to navigate to their destination, using the Bing Maps Truck Routing API is an excellent choice. The API works by calculating a route between two specified points. The API is made up of three basic parts: BingRestTruckRouteRequest, which defines the points, the path, and the route attributes. Once the API calculates the route, users can view a map of the route in real time. The API can provide speed limits for trucks, automobiles, and other vehicles on some segments of a road. It also allows users to input information regarding the vehicle. The truck speed limit is also returned when using the API. The tolerance parameter specifies a range of numeric values that limit the number of points needed to display a route. The DistanceUnit property specifies the unit in which the route is measured in.

Geocoding key

In order to obtain a Bing Maps API pricing geocoding key, you must first sign up. You must provide a credit card to obtain a basic key. For organizations, an Enterprise Key must be purchased. Then, you must pay for it via the portal using your credit card. Then, you will receive an email containing your geocoding key. This key is valid for one year. Then, you can use it to geocode addresses from any location worldwide. The Bing Maps API pricing geocoding key is a useful tool to use when building custom maps. It is also possible to use a free service to access Google Maps geocoding. The API has many advantages and disadvantages. Its pricing and usage limits are different. However, the price is very affordable and free for nonprofits and non-commercial organizations. In case you need to use the API for commercial purposes, you can purchase a license to access the map data.

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