Where to Find Bing Maps Historical Imagery

If you're looking for historical satellite imagery of a place, you're in luck. Not only is Bing Maps historical imagery easy to find and use, but you can also find a lot of more recent satellite imagery in other online resources. These sources include USGS Land Look, NASA's Worldview, and Esri's Living Atlas of the World. There are also many other useful sources of historical imagery, and you can find a lot of them using Google Earth.

Google Earth has more recent satellite imagery

When you open the Google Earth application, you'll find a massive collection of satellite imagery. These images were collected over time. Some are updated in real time, while others are older. Some images list a single date for acquisition, while others list a range of dates. The more recent images are usually the ones in high-density cities. Google constantly updates its image sets to reflect these changes. Whether you're interested in satellite photography or the latest changes to the Earth's surface, Google Earth will have imagery that you can use.

Esri's Living Atlas of the World

The Esri ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World is a collection of maps and data that helps you map and explore the world. The site is regularly updated with new data layers and maps from thousands of partners. Users can even contribute their own content. Esri curates the data and provides curated layers and maps. You can customize them and add them to your maps and apps for a more customized view.

NASA's Worldview

If you have a smartphone and are curious about where you live, you can use free software like Google Earth and Bing maps to view historic satellite imagery. The Worldview tool, from NASA and NOAA, is particularly useful for a wider range of research purposes. The Worldview tool displays images taken by different satellites over different dates and locations. You can view these images by selecting the area you are interested in and clicking on a date in the time bar.

USGS Land Look

If you are interested in historical imagery, USGS Land Look is the place to go. The site is perfect for the Landsat and Sentinel-2 archive, and it also has a time slider that allows you to step back in time. The USGS has an archive that includes every photograph taken by the agency's scientists since 1872. The NASA Worldview is another good choice. The website features 600 layers of global full-resolution satellite imagery. The imagery is slightly coarser than USGS Land Look, but it is much more current, with updates every three hours. The images give you a true view of the planet, with more detail than the Landsat and Sentinel-2.

NASA's Worldview API

There are a few differences between Bing maps and NASA's Worldview API when it comes to historical satellite imagery. The former is a browsable open platform that allows users to view historical data as well as recent satellite images. Users can also choose to see recent satellite images or data based on recent news stories. Whether you want historical satellite imagery or data that's current, both options work great.

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