Bing Maps For Inshore Fishing

When you're looking for a new spot for your inshore fishing excursion, Bing Maps is the way to go. I once heard a fishing captain say that he always looks at bing maps before exploring a new spot. There are a number of benefits to using this tool. You'll be able to find state parks with fishing, trails, and concessions that you can use as a starting point. And if you don't like to go on a boat, you can always find a fishing pier and boat ramp at Thunderbolt Park.

Search box

If you are planning a trip to an area where inshore fishing is popular, use the Bing maps search box to find out more. The tool is a good way to get directions between two locations, including landmarks and businesses. Search results are displayed as pushpins on the map and often contain contact information, reviews, and other relevant information. You can also search Wikipedia for landmark information or local directories for more information.

Bird's eye mode

Using Bird's eye mode on Bing maps to plan an inshore fishing trip is an easy way to see what's in the area before you set out. Bing maps provide much better aerial imagery than Google, so you can see where you'll need to go and where you can catch the most fish. If you don't have Google Earth, you can still use it to see what's in your area.

Bottom contours

If you are planning a trip to the water in search of inshore fishing opportunities, you should explore the benefits of bottom contours on Bing maps. These maps provide important information on the different types of fishing areas, including dead zones and fish holding areas. They also show how different types of fish move across specific zones. Moreover, you can find out where to fish by comparing different contour maps and satellite imagery.

Online map sharing

To get an overview of your fishing spots, you need a good inshore map. Not only does it give you the location of your fishing spots, but it will also tell you what's biting when and how much water is in each spot. Inshore fishing maps are particularly useful if you're fishing at a lake or pond that is not too far away. Fish like to congregate at drop-off points, so it's a good idea to look for such locations.

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