Citymapper - New Apps For Cities Coming Soon

While Citymapper started as a simple bus timetable app, it has since become more of a comprehensive everything app. It no longer only displays timetables, it modulates users' travel patterns, as well. Citymapper is a fascinating example of how new data technologies affect spatial processes. Read on to learn how the app works, and how you can try it yourself. It will surely change the way you see the world.

Get Me Somewhere

If you've ever had trouble finding your way around the metropolis, Citymapper might be your best option. The app comes with a standard city map, public transport routes, schedules, and more. You can find your way using public transportation such as buses, subways, trains, trams, and cycles. And the best part is that Citymapper is very easy to use - all you need is your mobile phone.

Citymapper Pass

The Citymapper app first launched in 2011 and has since raised over $50 million in venture capital funding. Despite its huge popularity among Londoners, the startup is not profitable and has yet to turn a profit. Now, the company hopes to turn the tables and make money with the Citymapper Pass. This pass is basically a pre-paid debit card that pays TfL for your journeys. It will also offer other benefits, like personalised subscriptions.


The company behind Citymapper is bringing its bus-syncing app to London. The company is also working on new software for the bus service. The green, "pop-up" bus is now running in central London on Tuesday and Wednesday. You can get the app and try it out here. If you love the service, you can sign up for a subscription here. Until then, you can use it on your iPhone or Android phone to navigate the city.

New York

If you live in New York, you've probably heard about the upcoming New York Citymapper. The app combines public transportation data with an interactive map. It will show you the nearest subway station, bus stop, and train stop, and how long each mode of transportation takes. You can even find rideshares, Ubers, Lyfts, and bike paths. And, you can see where the nearest ferries are based on current weather conditions. The app is free to download, and it uses income-earning auto affiliate links to generate income.


In addition to its existing feature of finding places to visit, the new app offers more information on public transportation, like buses and trains. Compared to the Google Maps app, it is free and has many more options, like traffic data. The app is aimed at frequent public transport users who are eager to use modern features. Currently, the app is available for major German cities, including Berlin and Munich, but more cities are expected to be added in the near future.


A new map for Indiana's cities aims to help communities make the best use of green infrastructure. This infrastructure includes trees and other vegetation that can help regulate temperature and reduce pollutants. In addition to green infrastructure, cities can benefit from increased recreational, cultural, and educational opportunities. A map for Indianapolis will help residents make the most of their city and its environment. Here are some features of the map. Hopefully, citymapper will help Indianapolis become even greener.

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