Citymapper Review - Popularity and Usage on the Apple Watch

Citymapper is one of the most popular transport apps, used in dozens of conurbations worldwide. Based in London, it's working to plug gaps in the city's transportation infrastructure using travel data. As part of a pilot program, it has built a smart green bus that follows pre-set routes and lets passengers jump on and off at designated stops. You can even track your bus' progress using a live map.

Apple Watch

In this review, we'll look at how Citymapper works on the Apple Watch and how much of it users like it. First off, the app is very simple to use. You can view your location on a map and get directions to a destination without ever touching your phone. It also shows you the status of nearby public transportation, including bus and train schedules and real-time departures. Second, we'll take a look at how useful the Uber app is, as it lets you request an Uber without even touching your phone. The app is easy to use, too, and provides information about your chosen car, wait time, and more.


If you're looking for a great real-time public transport app, look no further than Citymapper. Its mission is to make cities easier to navigate, and it certainly succeeds in that mission. Not only does it help commuters find the fastest routes, it can also tell you how many calories you're burning while you're traveling. What's more, Citymapper is now available for many other major cities as well.

Apple Maps

A recent survey by the research firm ComScore estimates that Apple Maps has 62-66 million users in the U.S., a figure which is roughly half that of Google Maps, which has over 86 million users. According to ComScore, Apple Maps currently commands a market share of between 52 and 66% in the U.S., which is impressive considering that iOS has the highest penetration rates in China.

GO feature

The GO feature of Citymapper is an upgrade to the iOS version of the map app that combines public transport and car transportation. This makes it unique in a way that Google Maps typically separates modes of transport. Instead of showing separate routes for Caltrain and Uber, this app combines them into a single route. Depending on the route, this can save a user up to 24 minutes or $40 on their journey.

Public transport options in London

If you want to know the quickest route to your destination in London, download the Citymapper app. The company is working with Transport for London to introduce paid bus services. On 9-10 May, the company will test a smart bus, complete with USB charging stations for mobile phones and a screen showing the destination of each route. With this data, Citymapper hopes to build its own public transport services in the future.

User feedback on Citymapper

While there are many travel applications available on the market, Citymapper stands out. With its interactive maps and 'go' feature, you can track your travel with the app from the very start of your journey, right up to your last mile. Once you've completed your journey, the app gives you feedback, such as the number of calories you've burned, the amount of trees you've saved, and the money you've saved.

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