Citymapper Vs Google Maps For Bikes

The main differences between Citymapper and Google maps for bikes are that Google assumes cyclists wait for all red lights until they turn green, and does not account for traffic congestion. The calculations do not take into account time of day, weather conditions, or route surface conditions, although they may account for these factors through average speed. In general, Google maps for bikes offers more features than citymapper. However, many users have reported problems with the service.


Citymapper and Google Maps for bikes both offer useful information on cycling routes. Both provide real-time directions and suggestions, and Citymapper offers integration with Uber and Foursquare. It also has live transit updates and enables you to share pictures of your cycling trips on social media. Citymapper combines the most useful information from several mapping sources and sifts out the important bits. It also gives you options for speed and safety based on your personal preferences.


If you ride a bike, you probably need to use a GPS navigation system, but Citymapper has more features than Google Maps. You can customize your home and work location to see where your next destination is, and you can even save your favorite spots. The app also has the option to send ETA links to friends and family, so that they can track your progress and view your recent journeys.

Draw your own route

You can draw your own bike route with citymapper or Google maps by defining the starting point, then choosing the best route, and then pinning the marker to the map. Depending on the route you want, you can draw a loop, or make notes. Google Maps has many features that can help you plan your route, including parks and off-road trails. However, you have to pay for the app so you can use this feature.

Combine services

To find a great bicycle route, combine Citymapper with Google maps. Both apps offer navigation features, such as real-time GPS navigation. Users can also view real-time traffic data and get directions to stay on schedule. You can also use Citymapper offline, which gives you the ability to search and navigate without an internet connection. Combined, these apps offer a comprehensive guide to any city. And, while the apps are not available everywhere, they do cover many major cities.

Show nearby trains

Show nearby trains with Citymapper or Google's maps for bikes - these apps make it easy to navigate a city. They show bus and train routes, show estimated travel times, and show you which lines are broken or running late. They can also guide you on your phone or watch, and alert you when you're at the next stop and when it's time to get off. You can even get directions on the spot!

Show terrain

CityMapper has a number of features that make it a great choice for bike navigation. Its offline maps include bike paths, hiking trails, and footpaths. You can also view hill shading, contour lines, and altitude. And because it's free, you can use it offline to plan a trip. Google Maps' offline feature isn't available on all bikes, but it's still useful for other kinds of cycling. And, while both applications provide basic information, CityMapper is more useful for determining route routes than Google Maps for Bikes.

Show elevation

When riding a bicycle, it can be helpful to see the overall elevation of a route. Google Maps now offers this feature as part of its bike route features. The app displays the total amount of feet that a bike route climbs and declines. Unfortunately, this information is not currently available on mobile applications for Google Maps. Fortunately, there are some simple tricks that will help you find the perfect biking route.

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