Does Citymapper Consider Traffic?

So what makes Citymapper so great? Firstly, I love how social it is and secondly, I don't use any other transit app so I didn't know there was an option for traffic in the map. I use Citymapper all the time, but occasionally wish it would include my city. However, it only appears in a few cities, and I'm not sure why. There are some potential problems, but I've yet to encounter them, and am looking forward to seeing how the app develops and improves.

It's a transit app

If you're new to a city or already know how to use public transportation, the new Citymapper app can be your go-to resource. It plugs into your city's public transit data and acts like an all-knowing psychic. You can set the exact time you want to get off the train or get off at your desired exit. It even has bookmarks for work and home.

It's a social app

Google Maps, a social app that considers traffic, was the first map app to reach the billion download mark. By July 2012, it had 20 million users and 12M downloads. Today, there are over 100 million active users. CityMapper, which started in London, has expanded to US and European markets. The app even offers carsharing capability. With millions of active users, CityMapper is ranked sixteen in the App Annie ranking.

It's not perfect

Many people use Citymapper to find their way around the city. But it isn't perfect. While it uses open data from city authorities, it sometimes fails to reflect real-time traffic conditions. As a result, it can give people incorrect information. I've heard of friends misplacing their appointments on the app because it wasn't accurate enough. Instead of relying on the app's traffic data, check the status page of your local transit authority.

It's improving

There are a few ways that Citymapper is improving when it comes to the city's traffic. The first is the introduction of "SuperRouter," a feature that lets users combine public transit with cabs to create new integrated routes. Another improvement is the ability to crowdsource information regarding carriages, which makes changeovers a whole lot easier. Citymapper also regularly collects user feedback and implements it into the app.

It's not available everywhere

There are some limitations with Citymapper's traffic data. Currently, the app only considers traffic data in large metropolitan areas and cities with a variety of transport options. Because of this, it might not be useful for you if you often have to travel through these areas. However, you can vote for your city to be included. This can help you find out if the traffic data for your city is accurate.

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