How to Make a Radius Map For Marketing in Google Maps

The concept of a radius map is based on the geometry principle that a radius is the length between the center of a circle and a point on the circle's perimeter. Points that make up the radius are essentially proxies for other variables that are relevant to the business. For example, an insurance brokerage might want to know where areas have experienced major flooding or other natural disasters.

Create a circle around a point on a map

If you'd like to create a circle around a particular point on a map, you can use Google Maps' Circle feature. To create a circle around a certain location, simply zoom in, then drag the solid line between the two points. The circle will then be centered on that point. You may need to zoom out and zoom back in again to make changes, or you can delete the shape and import it again. Creating a circle around a point on eSpatial Maps is relatively straightforward but requires a program that supports Google Maps. A radius can either be a distance or a drive-time polygon, and you can choose a radius based on a point's distance from a given address. Once you have a reference point, you can select it from a popup marker on the map. If you want to make sure that you're creating a circle around a particular point, you can choose radius options based on distance from an address, drive time, or proximity.

Create a bid adjustment

You can use the radius feature to target customers in a particular area, such as a 5 mile radius. You can also set a bid based on percentages of changes in the radius. This feature is useful if you want to target customers in a specific zip code. It also allows you to increase or decrease your bids based on certain factors, such as how many times people have looked for your business in a specific area. To increase your chances of winning clicks, use a location-based bid adjustment. For example, if someone searches for your business in a nearby area, you can increase the bid to $1.50. You can also segment the users according to the type of click they made, such as a mobile click-to-call or driving directions interaction. This way, you can create highly targeted ads with higher bid values.

Create a targeted sales campaign

Radius maps allow you to create a targeted sales campaign using the data you already have about your customers. By highlighting the areas of your customers that are most likely to purchase your product or service, you can pinpoint your marketing efforts. This tool also allows you to highlight different accounts within a specific region or area. When using this tool, it is important to remember that you should select a country and then set a radius from that point. By defining a radius, you can convert comprehensive spreadsheet data into a more focused map. This means you won't need to spend a lot of time entering data manually into spreadsheets. Radius maps also make it easy to visualize your customer data and help you determine which areas may need more focus and advertising. If you're interested in using this technology, be sure to contact our team to learn more about the benefits of radius targeting.

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