Google Maps Easter Eggs 2022

There are lots of hidden features in Google Maps. These are referred to as 'Easter Eggs'. They are usually images of popular characters or famous people. The Daily Star has been hunting them down to find out what they are. Among them are the Loch Ness Monster and pegman. You can turn your map into either of them just by clicking the location icon. You can also change the shape of the map by dragging it to another location.

a bouncing logo

If you've been searching for Google Maps Easter Eggs for a while, you've probably noticed that the company has been sneaking in tricks like this one. For example, if you type in "Batman" or "Batman and Robin", you'll be greeted with a stormy night background and a shadowy Batman. Or, if you search "chess", you'll be presented with a chess set that's dancing with your mouse. Whatever the case, you'll always find that the Google logo is bouncing.

The trick is not terribly difficult to reproduce. Just run a Google search, and the logo will appear as a video or article. Within a few minutes, you'll notice the Google logo bouncing around the monitor. It is a great homage to the classic screensaver, which would activate when the DVD player entered its hibernate state, and then bounce around the screen for a couple of minutes. The action is known as a "barrel roll," a flying maneuver that involves a horizontal and vertical rotation to return to the same heading.

a perspective shift

Google's Easter Egg is back: this time, 'Pegman' will transform into the Loch Ness Monster. It's not just the big guy either: Pegman turns into a 'UFO' too! In addition, if you visit Area 51, you'll see a UFO on your map. Whether you're looking for Russian landmarks or Eastern European dishes, Google Maps has many Easter Eggs to delight you.

The Pegman icon is a classic Easter Egg. If you've been on a continent with a lot of ice, click on its icon and you'll notice that it changes. You can even put Pegman on the northernmost tip of Antarctica. Unlike the other Easter Eggs, however, Pegman is ephemeral and seasonal. As you can see, this Easter Egg isn't only fun to try out, but it's also a great way to experience the world through the eyes of a penguin.

In addition to the UFO, Google Maps also has a clever homage to the Queen. A screenshot of a blue police box in London's Earls Court Road has a "Pegman" icon in the street view. There are more Easter Eggs in Google Maps than ever before. Earlier this year, Google added an Easter Egg to commemorate the Queen's 63-year reign.

a hidden heart

For those who love math, there is an Easter egg that will delight them. This Easter egg in Google Maps looks like a heart plotted on a graph. The hidden heart is meant to show support for the LGBT community. To access the Easter egg, all you have to do is make a spreadsheet. Here's how:

Start by typing the coordinates for Tokyo, Japan. Once you've entered the location, press "Enter" and you will be able to see the heart. You can also use Street View and 360 to get a detailed look of the area. Eventually, Google will add supplemental editions that will feature even more hidden treasures. For now, enjoy the Easter egg in Google Maps.

While this Easter egg may seem insignificant, it's an important part of Google's software, and has been hidden throughout the website for years. In fact, you can find one hidden in Google Docs, YouTube, and Google Maps. There are more hidden Easter eggs on Google+ than you can count! And the best part is that they're constantly changing and adding new ones! Just make sure to keep an eye out for them!

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