How to Make Google Maps Default on iPhone

If you haven't already, you may want to know how to make Google maps default on iPhone. This article will show you how to make Google maps default on iOS 13, iOS 12, or iOS 11. This guide works with all of these operating systems. To make Google maps the default browser on your iPhone, open Settings > General. You can also change the default browser if you want to. After selecting the browser, a checkmark will appear next to it.

iOS 14

If you're wondering how to make Google Maps default on iOS 14, you aren't the only one. While Apple's own mapping service has many improvements, it is still plagued by a number of bugs. While you can use the new Apple Maps, the fact remains that Google Maps is the best map app for iOS. Apple's terms of service make it difficult to make third-party apps the default app. Fortunately, there are ways to change this. You're probably wondering how to make Google Maps default on iOS 14. The answer is simple: you just need to copy the address from Apple's own Maps application. There are two ways to do it, jailbreaking and using the iOS 14 beta. While jailbreaking is not recommended, a workaround exists. It is possible to use an app that allows you to customize your iOS device, but be aware that it is against the terms of service of your iPhone.

iOS 13

If you've been wondering how to make Google Maps default on your iPhone or iPad, you are not alone. Many iPhone users have been converting to the third-party map apps, which are now available for iOS and other platforms. While Apple has made it harder to switch from Apple Maps to third-party apps, it still offers plenty of useful features. Here are some tips on how to change the default app on your iPhone or iPad. To change your device's default map application, first go to the Settings app. In the app's settings, you can choose which tabs you want to display. Ideally, the first tab should have a list of apps. In this tab, select the alternate maps app. Tap it when you need directions. This trick also works for the iPad. If you're not a jailbreaker, there are other ways to make Google Maps the default on your iOS device.

iOS 12

If you're wondering how to make Google Maps your default map app on iOS 12, read on. Despite Apple's recent updates, users who haven't upgraded to iOS 12 may still be able to use Google Maps. It works with Siri, too. Just ask Siri for directions and she'll give you transit, car, or walking directions with Google Maps. Using Siri is as easy as asking Siri, but if you have a Jailbreak, you'll have to install the jailbreak application on your phone. Once installed, you can use the Maps SDK for iOS to create a default map app. Unlike other maps apps, this one comes with advanced features, including Explore and Commute, saved locations, local news, and an option to contribute to Google's mapping database. But if you don't use all the bells and whistles that come with Maps, you can also use the pure map view.

iOS 11

If you want to use Google Maps as your default map application, you can jailbreak your iPhone. iOS 11 introduced an update to the Maps app, which fixes many bugs. While it's a good idea to update to iOS 11, some users may still be plagued by bugs. The good news is that the process of jailbreaking your iPhone is straightforward and will save important data, too. Learn how to do it below. First, you have to install Google Maps separately from Apple's App Store. After installing Google Maps on your phone, it will ask whether you want to open the location in Google Maps or Apple Maps. While both methods work, each method has its own limitations. Make sure you check the app's compatibility before making it your default. You can also choose to make Google Maps your default for Gmail.

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