How to Upload Video to Wikitude Studio Manager

Once you've downloaded Wikitude Studio, you'll be ready to begin creating your own projects. In this article, you'll learn how to create a project, create Object Targets, and add videos to your Object Targets. You can also find detailed information online on how to create a heatmap and add videos to your Object Targets. Here are some of the main steps involved in creating a heatmap:

Creating a project in Wikitude Studio Manager

Creating a new project in Wikitude Studio Manager is as easy as dragging and dropping. This software automatically creates an empty project with a temporary name, "Untitled Project." You can then change the name of the project after creating it. Wikitude Studio includes a project template that contains everything you need to create your own app. Wikitude Studio includes pre-configured project templates for iOS and Android.

Creating Object Targets

Creating object targets when uploading video to Wikitude Studio Manager is a common problem. You must select the device and field of view before you start uploading. The upload limit of object targets is now 100 MB. You can also edit the settings of the object target by using an online tool. You can also make your object target projects public by hosting them on Wikitude servers.

Creating a heatmap in Wikitude Studio Manager

The Wikitude Studio Editor lets you create a heatmap on any image. It supports jpg and non-transparent png images and a total of 50,000 target images. In addition to heatmaps, the Wikitude Studio Editor supports various augmentation types, including text, shapes, and shapes. Once you've created your project, you can save it and start creating your heatmap.

Adding videos to Object Targets

Adding videos to object targets in Wikitude Studio Manager is a simple process. Click the grey box area, choose a device, and select the field of view. A successful upload should be shown in a screen below. After adding videos, you can edit and reduce their size using online tools. This video has been successfully uploaded to the Studio. Now, you're ready to add them to your project.

Creating a point cloud

If you are using 3ds Max or some other modeling software, creating a point cloud is an essential part of the rendering process. Object tracking makes this process easier, as you can select larger objects and convert them to point clouds. The point cloud is generated in the same way as a augmented scene, and you can edit its properties just as you would augmentations.

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