How to Use the Wikitude SDK

To begin, download and install Wikitude SDK on your development machine. The SDK includes the SDK sample application and its JavaScript counterpart. You can use these examples to adjust the code and enrich the application. The sample application is open-sourced. If you are unsure of how to use Wikitude, please read our Getting Started section. There you will find information on how to use Wikitude SDK.

Object Tracker

The Object Tracker in Wikitude is an AR feature that lets you view objects in three dimensions. Unlike other AR apps, Wikitude does not require an actual object to be present for the tracking process to be successful. You can create WTO files for your application with a Wikitude Studio Editor, which shows you how each component works, and how they relate to one another. Using the Editor, you can view the information for related objects and the object itself. If the target is not easily visible, you can use the Alignment Initializer. This option guides you to the proper viewpoint and enables tracking. The preview will display the object's outline or rendered 3D view. You can customize the size of the points in the 3D representation with the Preview Settings foldout. After selecting an object to track, you can then choose a color or size for the augmented point cloud.

Cylinder Tracker

With the new Cylinder Tracker on Wikitude SDK, developers can easily create robust AR experiences in the field. Activate these experiences by scanning cylindrical targets, including cylinders. As 2020 quickly approaches, product developers and marketers are stepping outside the box to find new ways to connect with consumers. With significant performance improvements for cylinder targets, SDK 9.6 makes developing and activating AR experiences a breeze. The Cylinder Targets feature is compatible with the same image formats as Image Targets. To use the Cylinder Tracker, users must create an Image Target with a resolution of 2.25 MB or less. The features extracted from these images are stored in a database, which is downloaded along with the application. The best results are obtained under moderately diffuse lighting, so indoor scenarios are recommended. While this tool does not support all types of cylinders, it can detect cylindrical and conical objects.


If you are planning to create a video game, one of the most popular tools is Wikitude. The video game development tool has a built-in StreamingAssets feature that lets you import video files into your game. There are several ways to add video files to your game, including uploading them yourself. Here are some tips: The first option is to use the SDK's 'Scan' function. It allows you to choose a single target or multiple targets, depending on your application's requirements. If you use 'Extended Tracking', the Wikitude SDK continues scanning the environment when the original target image is no longer visible. However, the process can be quite slow - especially on older devices. The performance will depend on the computing power of the device, the background texture, and the objects in the environment.

Native API

The Wikitude Native SDK provides a number of different ways to render images. You can also use it to detect the occurrence of internal errors. The SDK can generate a compatible wtc file by using the Wikitude Studio Manager. To learn more about these methods, see the TargetManagement section of the Wikitude documentation. In addition, Wikitude has a number of other useful features for creating images. When developing for the iOS simulator, you'll need to build your iOS application with the ARM architecture. You can choose any architecture, but ARM has priority over other architectures. Next, open the target and select Build Settings. Select the mode and press the "+" button. Then, you're all set! To start building your iOS application, follow these steps. Once you've created your project, make sure to update the ARM configuration and the Wikitude Native SDK.

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