Wikitude Mobile System Requirements

Wikitude World Browser, Wikitude Drive, EasyAR, and Wikitude Studio are some of the apps that require specific mobile systems. These apps use Navteq mapping data and integrate with Wikitude World Browser. In addition, they will provide millions of Points of Interest utilizing the full power of the Internet. Here's how to get started with Wikitude World Browser. Before you start downloading Wikitude applications, read these requirements to ensure that your mobile device is compatible.

Wikitude World Browser

If you've been wanting to experience the world in an augmented reality environment, you might want to know the Wikitude mobile system requirements. Wikitude World Browser is an augmented reality application which was released in 2008. The app works on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows phones, and tablets, and it was voted the best Augmented Reality Browser by Apple three years in a row. The company is also actively involved in the standardization of AR technology, chairing the Open Geospatial Consortium's working group.

Wikitude Drive

The Wikitude Drive app is a new type of navigation app that combines video and directions into a seamless whole. It is the first augmented reality system to use video to display driving instructions. Wikitude Drive works with the Android mobile platform, but the company hopes to expand to other platforms as well. It is free to download and install. It works with most GPS systems available today. This article will go over some of the system requirements and discuss social acceptance of AR.

Wikitude Studio

You can download the Wikitude Studio Android SDK and set it up in your Android development environment. You can also download the Wikitude 3D Encoder if you have used any 3D modeling application. Wikitude 3D Encoder allows you to convert your 3D model to wt3 format and can be used to work with Autodesk FBX files. To learn more, visit the Wikitude website.


The EasyAR Sense SDK is available in the market for free and with a commercial license. The SDK comes with an array of built-in capabilities and various rendering features. It recognizes simple images, black-and-white markers, and other facial features. This SDK supports the iOS platform and will work with newer versions of iOS and Android. In addition, it offers language bindings and supports up to 1,000 on-device targets.


The Kudan AR SDK is a 'one-stop-shop' platform that allows AR developers to create interactive experiences on any device. The engine is written in C++ and contains architecture-specific optimizations for speed and accuracy. It is compatible with a variety of AR development scenarios and includes a hardware chipset for SLAM mapping. Users can customize Kudan's SDK to meet their project needs.

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