Hadrian's Wall Walk Route Planner

There are several ways to plan a Hadrian's Wall walk. First, choose the type of weather you prefer. If you are visiting in the summer, don't worry about a breeze affecting you, because the path runs against the prevailing wind. However, if you're hiking in the winter, you may have to worry about the freezing temperatures and the paved paths, which can hurt your joints and feet.

Day 4 of the Hadrian's Wall Path

If you've never hiked on a long distance trail before, the Hadrian's Wall Path is the perfect choice for you. This trail is one of England's most scenic and least difficult trails. At just over 84 miles (147 km) long, it's perfect for first-time hikers and those with moderate fitness. The terrain is mostly flat, and you'll walk mostly on grass, with some asphalted sections in Newcastle.

The Hadrian's Wall Path starts at Bowness-on-Solway, and continues to the picturesque town of "Walls End." You'll walk alongside the ancient Roman wall, passing by historic waypoints along the way. You'll also pass by the Segedunum and Chesters Roman Forts, and enjoy views of the Lake District and the Solway Firth.

While the Hadrian's Wall is clearly the star of the show, there are many other places to see. Newcastle's Old City is home to Norman Keep and Bessie Surtees House, while the Roman fort Segedunum is the largest excavated on the Hadrian's Wall Path. Nearby, Chesters Roman Fort is one of the best-preserved cavalry forts in Britain. You'll also find a Clayton Museum displaying Roman artifacts.

The mid-section of the Hadrian's Wall Path consists of a climb up a steep valley wall. This section also includes the Sycamore Gap, which is featured in the movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. The path continues to the Roman fort at Housesteads, perched atop an escarpment. It's a beautiful and scenic route that will leave you wanting more!

As you continue to climb Hadrian's Wall, you'll eventually reach Bowness-upon-Solway, which is located east of Carlisle. The walk officially runs coast to coast, but most people take the route from east to west. The Roman milecastles are numbered from east to west, and the scenery gets better as you progress west. In the end, you'll have walked the Hadrian's Wall for three days, and gotten the full experience!

If you're planning to walk the Hadrian's Wall Path in its entirety, plan for a week or two. While you're in Newcastle, you'll get a chance to see the city's thriving Quayside. This section of the Hadrian's Wall Path will show you how old and new Newcastle are. The old shipyards are a reminder of the industrial past, while riverside bars and restaurants represent relative affluence.

Accommodation options

The Hadrian's Wall walk route planner can be useful in identifying which hotels and hostels offer good value for money. The walk route is relatively sparsely populated, so many B&Bs are located a short distance from the wall. Depending on the route you choose, there may be few options for overnight stays, so you'll need to find a way to get to your accommodation without walking. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get around, including arranging a reliable pick-up service.

If you're planning a self-guided trip, there are a few different options for accommodation along the way. For example, some of the accommodation is further from the start of a particular section, so you might have to drive a few extra miles to reach the next one. But there are also several camping grounds that you can stay at. The official Hadrian's Wall walk route planner offers an interactive planner that lets you plan each stage and set a daily goal.

For those with limited time, a six-day trip along the Hadrian's Wall is a good option. You can take it easy on the first day, hiking twelve to seventeen miles a day, while leaving plenty of time for sightseeing and enjoying vibrant towns and cities along the way. The wall is 1,131 feet above sea level, so it is possible to find a hotel near its highest point.


The Hadrian's Wall walk offers plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy the great outdoors. The route goes through the countryside and wild moorland as well as bustling cities such as Newcastle and Carlisle. You will pass numerous Roman relics as you explore the historic sites and the region. The walk can be completed in four to eight days. To get started, you can download a free route planner from the National Trail Partnership website.

The path itself is easy to follow, with its highest point at 350 metres. The route is also accessible by road and has several towns along the way. As there are no steep climbs or descents, the terrain is not too dangerous in summer. However, if you are prone to sprained ankles or other serious injuries, it is not recommended for people with limited physical ability. You should consider the weather conditions before planning a walk.

A map of the Hadrian's Wall path will give you an overview of where to start and finish along the way. The route can take you along the southern or western side, depending on your preference. However, you should remember that the route runs against the wind. In summer, you won't have to worry about this issue. The path is also paved, which can be hard on your joints and feet.

If you're new to long-distance hiking, Hadrian's Path offers a less strenuous, more scenic route than many other National Trails in Britain. The path is officially 84 miles long or 135 kilometers, but can be shortened or extended based on your pace and itinerary. You can also choose to tackle sections of the wall, or combine several sections, making the overall trek more manageable.

Gear transport service

If you are planning a Hadrian's Wall walk, there are many different things you should consider before tackling the trek. One option is to hire a gear transport service to deliver your gear to your destination. The company will drop off your bag at your accommodation and pick it up again when you've finished your journey. These companies will take great care of your equipment, leaving you to concentrate on enjoying the view instead of worrying about how you will transport your gear.

Many Hadrian's Wall Path routes begin in Bowness-on-Solway and end in Carlisle. From there, the path will climb up the steep valley wall, passing several towns along the way. The path will take you past the Sycamore Gap, which was made famous by the movie "Robin Hood Prince of Thieves." You'll also pass by the Roman fort of Housesteads, which sits high atop an escarpment.

If you have never been on a hiking trip before, consider booking a guided tour of Hadrian's Wall. This 84-mile trail is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a beautiful way to see northern England. There are many places to stay and enjoy the walk - from warm welcomes to picturesque turrets and milecastles. If you've never been to the northern reaches of Britain, this is a must!

A guided tour of Hadrian's Wall will provide you with information on the route as well as maps to find your way through the trail. This is especially helpful if you are a first-time visitor to the region or don't have a lot of time to spare. The Hadrian's Wall is long, and you don't know exactly when you'll get to the destination. Moreover, you'll need to account for the time it will take you to cover each mile.

While hiking on the Hadrian's Wall, you'll be surrounded by magnificent ruins. The walls are an ancient reminder of a time long past, and you can still discover their incredible ruins and milecastles. If you're going to hire a gear transport service, make sure to check the prices and the service quality before hiring a service. The service will ensure that your gear arrives in top condition.

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