How to Use a Caravan Route Planner to Improve the Game

A caravan route planner allows the gamer to plan the route of their travels by placing multiple waypoints and measuring the amount of time it takes to reach each waypoint. It is also useful in determining the carrying capacity of humans and pack animals. You can also automatically forage for food while you are traveling. This article provides detailed information on using a caravan route planner to improve the game. There are a few improvements that will make the game more fun and enjoyable.

Carrying Capacity of humans and pack animals in a caravan

The Carrying Capacity of humans and pack animal in a caravan route planner is the combined weight of the party and the items they can carry. During the initial packing phase, the list of supplies will appear. Besides the inventory, the caravan will feed itself. Caravans automatically forage for food as they pass through the area. The rate of foraging depends on the terrain and the growing skills of the colonists. A caravan with pack animals will move slower than those without any pack animals.

Automatically foraging for food while on the way

There are two ways to improve your caravan's foraging speed. One of them is to invest in the building of packages. Pemmican and packaged survival meals are great investments. Make sure to have both of these in stock. Another way to improve your caravan's foraging speed is to forage berries while traveling. This will help you gain more food and supplies faster. This tip will help you gain an edge over your enemies.

Adding a caravan route planner to the game

In the game, caravan users are natural adventurers. They enjoy discovering new places and making memories. With these navigation apps, you can find rest stops, campsites, petrol stations, and even Yelp searches. You can even plan ahead by placing your starting point on an existing caravan. This way, you'll know how long it will take for a 1 tile/h caravan to travel a certain route.

Creating a large caravan requires more than 8 hours of travel time, so you should be patient during this step. Then, you can add pawns to your caravan, and remove them later on. But beware: a large caravan may take more than eight hours to load, so you'll want to plan ahead. It may also take a while to load the entire caravan, so use the route planner to plan your journey.

Adding a caravan route planner is an easy way to reduce travel time and improve overall game performance. You'll have the ability to see how much food you have, how long it will take, and more. The information on your caravan's status will also let you know whether your caravan will be raided. Another benefit of adding a caravan route planner is that it saves you from requesting traders from the comms console.

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