Using a TomTom Route Planner When Traveling Abroad

If you are planning to travel abroad, you may want to install a TomTom Route Planner on your smartphone. This application will display all traffic information for you, including the current traffic situation, as well as the estimated travel time to your destination. You can also access HD Traffic for countries such as France, the Netherlands, and Germany. TomTom's original traffic service will also be available in some countries, though availability depends on your country's GPRS network.


When using a route planner, it is essential that you use the one that is right for your company. The OptimoRoute for TomTom route planner can help you maximize your productivity by planning your routes and schedules based on the constraints you have set. The software also calculates the most efficient route to fulfill orders and minimize your gas expenditures. It is a powerful tool that eliminates the stress and hassle of planning a route and ensures that you meet expectations. The app can also give you the exact time of arrival at your destination.

Another benefit of OptimoRoute is that it gives you the option to use the navigation system of your choice. If you prefer Google Maps, you can choose the one that best fits your company. If you want a different system, you can also download Track-POD. This app offers similar features to OptimoRoute, including a live chat feature with dispatchers. However, you must remember that the driver will have to switch on the duty mode of the app for it to work effectively.

OptimoRoute also has a number of customizable fields. For example, you can add up to five custom fields. You can then save them for future reference. If you're looking to track your orders, you can add delivery notifications that inform you about their arrival time. The Pro version of OptimoRoute also allows you to use up to five custom fields, making it more useful for a business that needs to track its deliveries.


The TomTom Onfleet route planner integrates with MyRouteOnline, a service provided by Navman. This allows you to customize routes for your TomTom vehicle. You can set up a roundtrip route or a start-to-finish route. Using this service, you can visualize the territory you cover and maximize sales opportunities. You can download directions to your TomTom vehicle through an app.

Onfleet route planner for Tomtom provides advanced fleet management capabilities. Its powerful route optimization engine generates routes taking real-time traffic incidents into account. You can also track drivers' progress and get instant updates on the status of their job. While it is geared toward larger businesses, it can still be beneficial to smaller operations. Onfleet also comes with a 14-day free trial. It is highly customizable and integrates with existing technologies. However, it lacks last mile delivery functionality.

With a variety of features, Onfleet's software can help businesses improve their fleet operations. Businesses that rely on trucks for their deliveries can use the application to manage routes with ease and reduce costs. Its software uses industry-leading traffic data and uses GPS-based navigation. The result is a better customer experience. Onfleet route planner for TomTom is designed to help fleet management professionals improve their business through streamlined dispatch management.


MyRouteOnline is an online route planner that allows users to import a list of addresses and optimize them for time and distance. They can then export their routes to Garmin and TomTom devices. MyRouteOnline also has a mobile application that drivers can download and use to retrieve their routes. MyRouteOnline works on credits. Once you have accumulated enough credits, you can download the optimized routes to a GPS device or a mobile phone.

The MyRouteOnline system was developed by Baruch Interactive and launched in late 2009. This route planning software allows users to visualize routes by showing the stops on the map. Users can also subscribe to flexible plans without committing to a long-term subscription. The system is geared toward businesses and individuals. To avoid the hassles of using a TomTom route planner, it's important to check out MyRouteOnline's features.

The main features of MyRouteOnline are a clear map, detailed directions, and schedule-optimization. The service also allows users to enter goals and set a service time. The service time is the time allotted to rendering services at each stop. Users can also change the route once it's presented to them. MyRouteOnline can help you organize your trips so that you'll have less time to find the perfect restaurant or shop.


With Route4Me, you can use third-party navigation apps like Apple Maps, Waze Navigation & Live Traffic, CoPilot GPS Sat-Nav & Traffic, Uber, and TomTom Go Navigation. You can even use the Route4Me route planner with Apple Maps. However, you may want to check with the app's developers first before downloading. They may add additional features to the iOS version, but they aren't yet available in the Android version.

Most GPS devices are designed for real-life roads. This makes it difficult to plan routes that include more than two destinations. The proprietary route optimization algorithm developed by Route4Me allows you to plan multi-stop routes and export them to your GPS device. In fact, it may cut the driving time by as much as 35%, according to users. If you have a fleet of vehicles, Route4Me is the best choice for you.

As one of the most popular route planning software, Route4Me is great for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. The app has many useful features, including customer notifications and delivery time windows. However, the monthly price can quickly add up if you have more than 10 drivers. Route4Me is a great option if you don't need many features, and a free trial will allow you to test out the system for a week.

Badger Maps

If you have a sales team, you can take advantage of the multi-user capability of Badger Maps tomtom route planning app. Its features allow you to share contacts and routes with other team members, as well as manage your team's activities. If you're using Badger on multiple devices, it's easy to add new team members without having to retype your route. Badger supports all mobile operating systems, and it comes with a knowledge base and customer support team.

Badger Maps' sales team reports that using this route planner has reduced average drive times by 20%, freeing up more than 8 hours of their time each week. On average, a sales team will hold 10 more meetings with clients, resulting in a 22% increase in annual revenue. The tool helps sales teams meet with customers more frequently, and it helps them increase their productivity, too. Badger Maps is compatible with Google Maps. It offers real-time traffic updates and turn-by-turn directions, and lets you visualize the map in different ways. However, it is not optimal for routes that require more than one stop.

Badger Maps connects with Salesforce and other CRMs. It also imports spreadsheets with customer data. Badger automatically organizes customer data on a map. Once configured, the app optimizes routes based on traffic conditions and customer preferences. It even allows you to filter customers by specific criteria, including gender, location, and type of service. These features make Badger one of the most popular route planning apps available today.


In addition to its offline and online map applications, TomTom has recently launched an online route planner that allows you to pre-plan your trip. This tool offers real-time traffic data and daily map updates. In addition, it features door-to-door route planning options and can be accessed for free. The company says that it is committed to contributing to the society and is committed to providing its users with the best possible navigation experience.

To modify the route, you simply click on the "Blue" route in the navigation app. This will display a message that says, "Click to change route." You can then hold your left mouse button and drag the route to the location of your choice. The route will then incorporate this new location into the planned route. If you are not satisfied with the route, you can always start over again by modifying it. Alternatively, you can choose to upload it to your computer and start navigation there.

The TomTom route planner is free to download, but it does require a yearly subscription to use. It also offers roadtrip options and tussenstops to navigate between. It has an extensive database and will be useful when used in conjunction with the TomTom navigation system. It is also compatible with other navigation systems. But for the best results, use the TomTom route planner with a TomTom navigation system.

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